The Economic Law of Light

Light is a phenomena that discussed in physics. We don’t know whether it has relationship with economic or not. The purpose of this article is to know the relation between light and the economic law.

In economy we knew that we must spend leatest to get the biggest. It call the law of economy. It represented the eficiency in doing anything. This law is very common in economy but it is not in physics. So how can we correlate between physics and economy. Light is one of the answer of this question.

Light is a electromagnetic wave that can travel in vacuum or in some matter such as water, glass, oil etc. Two characteristics of light are light reflected just same like reflection of a ball and light refracted just like throwing ball into the water. Lets discussed it one by one.

snellius 1Picture 1. reflection of light

First was the reflection of light. According to snellius laws the reflection of light would decribed like picture 1. Light would not travel from A-C-B but will travel A-D-B. Its was because of ACB had longer track to reach B than ADB. This explain that ligh was very efficient. Light will always took shortest track to reach one point to another point. If light not reflected, light would go in straight line because thats the shortest way to go to that point. Not different from that if light reflected it would took shortest ways to to reach that point. Its represented the economic law talking above.

hukumbiaspantul3Picture 2. refracted light

Second was refraction. Light would travel with lower speed when passed trough clear matter which had bigger refraction index. On picture 2, Light travel A to B passing trough different matter. in point A had refractive index n and in B had n’. n’ was bigger than n so light will travel faster in n than in ‘. according to that we can imagine that point A was in the air and ponit B was in the water. If there were a drowned man in point B we would run in air (road etc) with longer track first then swim with shorter track. Its very reasonable and effective. Light would go in that way too. The track would be like in picture 2 and we called it refracted. it happened too when you threw ball into the water. The track would be just same like that. This was the economic laws of light, effectivitness in time.

Light would take shortest track and shortest time to travel. This was the nature of light. Long before people find economic law, Allah Swt made this in nature. Allah Swt made this happened and show His greatness. Physics which was nature phenomena and economy which human creation can be related. One of that was in reflection and refraction phenomena.

Eko Nursulistiyo

Monday, 23-02-2015, 1.30 PM


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